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3D Graphics

Lego Mindstorm NXT

In my personal time, I enjoy working with both the software and hardware of my Lego Mindstorm NXT.


I created an interface for a watchman robot controlled through the internet via Bluetooth and I participated on a robotics competition with a "jewels collector" robot.

Roomba Hacking

Virtual Orchesta

I worked as a freelance in a project with an orchesta director, consisting on a C++ program which simulates the hand movement of the orchesta director using mathematics methods and splines.

I modified the Roomba robot hardware in order to amend the path algorithm.

Android Applications

I have developed some Android applications. Some examples:

I have always enjoyed programing in a combination of graphics and 3D design, using maths and physics. I have customized video games like Quake, Tomb Raider, The Sims... changing scenarios, meshes, animations...


I have worked in my personal time with 3D tools like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave... and programmed 3D environments with OpenGL.


I also programmed an algorithm which detected the head movement (with a camera image analysis in real time) and changed the position of the scenario according to the head position, simulating virtual reality.

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