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Scarecrow Controller (Android)

Scarecrow is a mobility testbed for MSL which is being operated in the Mars Yard, JPL. Previously it could be controlled by an iPhone application but currently the architecture has changed. Therefore, it became necessary to implement a new application including new functionalities. My task was to perform a new application that allows the user to operate the rover with a new visual interface in an Android Nexus 7 device, enhancing its capabilities with commands sequencing and planning and also telemetry display as a function chart. Due to the impossibility to export the code from iOS to Android, this software was programmed from scratch based on the previous design but adapted to the new resolution. The language used was Java and it communicated through sockets with the new ASAP architecture, which is currently being developed.

Mars Rover Videogame

(Android and Unity)

Android videogame for outreach: 3D Unity based Mars rover 

Barcode Scanner


Android barcode scanner based on a SysML dabatase system.

OpenGL visual interface for FPGA

3D visual interface for a FPGA multiprocessor. It displays a spacecraft/robot CAD model based on different component parameters.

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