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Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager – NASA (USRA), California (2014 - Present)

Partner with stakeholders to define, develop, and implement solutions that drive increased performance and innovation. Manage end-t0-end project processes to provide updates, address concerns, solve problems, and ensure acceptance. Key projects:

  • Served on IDE EVA project to consolidate and implement improved reporting of procurements, procedures and inventory for International Space Station astronauts EVAs (“space walks”).

  • Provided maintenance and new features implementation for NASA to help developing countries use information provided by EO satellites and geospatial technologies for managing climate risks and land use.

  • Held responsibility for platform to track NASA sites and applications.

  • Earth-system modeling, big data management and analysis tools at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division.

  • Developed and applied advanced techniques to generate algorithms for high-dense air traffic 3D simulations and sensor capabilities. 

  • Design verification and validation tools for rocket fuel loading. Fault detection, diagnosis and software health management systems.

  • Designed RESTful API interface to accept circuits expressed in different Quantum Computing languages.

  • Developed embedded code for calibration, automatization, and image processing of biological samples with high throughput industrial microscopes and x-ray machine (software and hardware).

  • Designed and implemented website for Quantum Computing training, tutorials, videos, workshops.

  • Implemented multiple data-scraping tools and back-end scripts and systems health performance checks.


Software Engineer – European Space Agency (Vega Telespazio), Spain (2013 – 2014)

Prepared and executed earth observation (satellite SMOS) data processor validations and investigated anomalies in near real time data streaming and routine operations. Conducted data quality control checks and wrote ad hoc reporting scripts.


Software Engineer – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California (2013)

Developed Android application to allow user-friendly GUI interface for control and telemetry of the Mars Rover Curiosity Test Bed.  This tool is being used by JPL experts for terrain testing and path design.


Senior Software Engineer – Santander Bank (Vass), United Kingdom (2010 – 2012)

Developed web applications for banking systems, team leader, audit templates expert.


Software Engineer – RENFE, DGT, BBVA. Spain (2005-2010)

Developed web applications for multiple projects. Provided support in different areas of the software life cycle.


Intern - CETEMA (Madrid Technological Center). Spain (2005)

Robotic center: Centro de Mecanizado & Scara robots programming and mentoring.

Professional Experience

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