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MAX Rover


My Individual Project consisted of developing the Ground Station batch and sequencing process of commands for an academic Mars Rover (on loan from NASA to the ISU).

ISS Experiment

I was subject of scientific experiment “Perspective Reversible Figures in Microgravity”. Investigator Gilles Clément, Ph.D., responsible project scientist Jennifer Ngo-Anh, M.D. Ground control group. To be reproduced on the ISS by astronauts in “ISS Increment” mission.



27 students working together on a mission concept for observing Mars from Phobos with telerobotics (Mars-X). The project has been designed from different perspectives like Engineering, Science, Medicine, Policy, Economics, Law, Humanities... It has been sponsored by NASA and Lockheed Martin and has been presented in Human2mars (2013, Washington DC), NASA (2013, Ames and JPL), Standford university (2013, USA), International Astronautical Congress (2013, Beijing) and the Canadian Space Summit (2013, Ottawa). I was in charge of the robotic section and the website development, although I have participated in all areas.

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