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I studied a Master Degree in Space Studies in the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. The Master is structured in four main areas:


  • Lectures: The key subjects are Space Engineering, Space Sciences, Human Performance in Space, Space Applications, Space Management and Business, Space Policy, Economics and Law, Space Humanities.


  • Individual Project: Consist of developing the batch and sequencing process of commands for an academic Mars Rover (on loan from NASA to the ISU).


  • Team Project: 27 students working together on a mission concept for observing Mars from Phobos with telerobotics (Mars-X). The project has been designed from different perspectives like Engineering, Science, Medicine, Policy, Economics, Law, Humanities... It has been sponsored by NASA and Lockheed Martin and has been presented in Human2mars (2013, Washington DC), NASA (2013, Ames and JPL), Standford university (2013, USA), International Astronautical Congress (2013, Beijing) and the Canadian Space Summit (2013, Ottawa). I was in charge of the robotic section and the website development, although I have participated in all areas.


  • Internship: 12 weeks in Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) developing an Android application for one of the Curiosity Mars Rover Test Beds, Scarecrow.


Overall Grade: B- (75.0 ETCS credits awarded)

Master Degree in Space Studies (MSc)

I studied a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. My research thesis was titled "Supercomputing and Parallelism in Space Sector". My major was "Systems" and some of the key subjects are "Object Oriented Programming", "3D graphics", "Robotics".

I worked as an intern in the school library and also in the CETEMA center, programming and monitoring the two robots: "Scara" (robotic arm) and "Machining center" (industrial drilling robot).

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering

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