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  • OS: MS-Dos; Windows; UNIX; LINUX (Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu…); MINIX (and code learning); IBM z/OS; iOS; Windows ME; Android.

  • Office applications: WordPerfect; PerfectWorks; Office.

  • Data Base: Dbase; Access; SQL; Interbase; PL-SQL Oracle; PhpMyAdmin; Lotus notes; MySql; DB2 UDB; TOAD; JDBC.

  • Graphics: Photoshop; Photodeluxe; CorelDraw; 3D Studio Max (scripts, nurbs, splines, metaballs, metamuscles, particles...); Character Studio; Lightwave; Organica; PhotoStyler; Publisher; Truespace; Spatch; Poser; Maya; Rhinoceros 3D.

  • Programming languages: Pascal; Basic; Visual Basic; C++; Delphi; Ada; Caml; Lisp; Prolog; Cobol; Html; PHP; WML; WMLScript; XML; Java; JavaScript; Flash; Assembler; Fortran; Lotus notes designer; SDL; OpenGL; DirectX.

  • Styles: XSL, CSS.

  • Architectures and development platforms: J2EE; J2ME; MVC pattern; JDK 1.6; Eclipse WSAD and RAD; Banksphere; Webservices; Struts; Hibernate; Spring; Ajax, SoapUI.

  • QA: IBM Page Detailer, Mercury QC battery test and scripting.

  • Concurrent versioning systems: Visual SourceSafe, SVN, WSAD, Tortoise, Harvest, CVS.

  • Networks: Internet; TCP/IP; LAN; Wifi; Tcpdump; Comnet; Apache server; Web tools (html, php, mysql, jsp...); IMS connections.

  • Software engineering tools: EasyCase; Visio; Visible Analyst; UML; Rational Rose; SysML.

  • Calculus, Electronic and emulated architecture: Derive; Statgraphics; Matlab; Grapher; Electronics Workbench; Excel; Tcl/Tk; BSVC; PVM; VHDL; Autocad and Visual lisp for Autocad.

  • Robotic: "Scara" and "Centro de Mecanizado" (mechanized center) robots; Lego Mindstorms NXT robot; Robotic arm; Mars Rover Senseta.

  • Space: Satellite Tool Kit (STK); Master-2009 for Space Debris.

  • General: Hardware and Software environment; Printers; Scanners; Modems; Network cards; Video and TV capture cards; Digitizing tablets; Sound; Graphics; Multimeter handling, Oscilloscope, hardware circuits; Modems, routers and local networks configuration; Biocomputing and neuronal networks; MIDI.

Computer Knowledge

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