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Vanesa Gomez, from Madrid, Spain, is an experienced software engineer who has worked for NASA for almost eight years. During her NASA career, she has worked on projects involving air traffic simulations, quantum computing, robotics, bioinformatics
and more.

Gomez earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and a master’s degree in space studies from the International Space University in France. She has lived in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and California.

Through her passion for space and research, Gomez has participated in several space-themed studies, such as undergoing 6G forces in a centrifuge at the National Aerospace Training and Research Center, and serving as a control subject for spatial awareness investigations in connection with space station research.

Gomez is a private pilot and a certified rescue scuba diver who enjoys traveling, riding her vintage motorcycle, reading and watching sci-fi and mystery, listening to rock and metal music, and charcoal drawing. She also codes for fun, mentors young engineers, and volunteers at an animal shelter.

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