Vanesa Gomez Gonzalez works at the NASA Intelligent System Division (TI) as a Senior Software Engineer. She is currently the project manager of the Quantum Computing USRA platform and develops advanced methods for visualization for quantum computing algorithms. She is also a collaborator at the NASA Ames Space Biosciences Division where she provides support to the Human Research Program project on space radiation sensitivity as a software engineer and hardware specialist.

Vanesa graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and obtained her Master Degree in Space Studies at the International Space University in Strasburg, France. She started working in 2005 as a software engineer full stack specialist. Vanesa has participated in projects at the European Space Agency (satellite SMOS) and the robotics department of JPL (rover Curiosity).

Research areas

  • Quantum Computing

  • Space & aeronautics

  • Bioengineering

  • Robotics